Happy Chicks arrive in school

Mon 1st Apr 2019 - 08:45:00

Happy Chicks arrive in school

Children will be able to see the eggs wobble and often hear cheeping from within the egg just before hatching commences.  

The chicks will start to peck their way out of their shells, they don't need any help although some clucking will make them feel at home.  Once they are out of their shell they'll take a while to recover from all their hard work and will need to dry off in the incubator.

Once the chicks have dried off and fluffed up they'll look really cute and can be transferred into the brooding box to eat and drink.

The chicks add excitement to any classroom.  Now the children can learn how to care for them and also get the opportunity to hold them under supervision.  It is an inspirational experience that makes learning fun.