Attendance Policy


Aims: We want to give our pupils the best possible chance to succeed. Coming to school on time every day means no important lessons are missed, so your child makes the most of their opportunities to learn.

How to help with your child’s attendance

Please inform the school on the first day of all absences. We have an answer machine for attendance, so you can ring before school – telephone 868387. You can also send a text via the Parent mail app service.

  • If your child has an appointment, please tell the Class Teacher or Office Staff as soon as you are aware.
  • Respond to any request for information about attendance.
  • Make sure your child arrives in good time for the start of school.
  • Discuss the importance of attendance with your child. (More than 10 days off in a year will be unsatisfactory attendance.)
  • Be proud of your child’s achievements.
  • Support school in its efforts to raise standards.
  • Make sure that you are punctual bringing your child to school and picking them up at the end of the day.
  • If you are going to be late to pick your child up, please let school know so your child will not worry.

What to do to improve attendance

We have a target for attendance each year set by the Government. Each child should have at least 95.5% attendance. Children who have an attendance lower than 95.5% are discussed in a monthly meeting and if need be their details are passed onto the Education Welfare Officer.

  • We follow up any unexplained absences.
  • We report any patterns in a child’s absence, such as if they often have a Friday or Monday off.
  • We reward children who have 100% attendance throughout the term/year.
  • We will not authorise any request for holidays in school time, unless the Council’s criteria for leave of absence is met.

Attendance Policy