Charging and Remission Policy

Charging and Remission

This Charging Policy informs staff and parents about charging for school activities. It conforms to guidance included in the Fair Funding Scheme for Financing Schools and the Guide to the Law for School Governors.

The school’s charging policy is based on the following:

That no charge is made for provision of education during school hours except where teaching individual pupils or groups of up to four to play a musical instrument if the teaching is not an essential part of the National Curriculum or a public examination syllabus being followed by the pupil.

No charge is made for activities that are an essential part of the syllabus for an approved examination.

The school operates the discretion to invite parents to make voluntary contributions for school time activities.

Charges are made for activities that happen outside of school hours when these activities are not a necessary part of the national curriculum or do not form part of the school’s basic curriculum for religious education.

Charging for School Activities

Charges are made as shown below at the discretion of the Governing Body as to which activities may be the subject of a charge and which may be funded from the delegated budget.

The school does not undertake any residential visits.

Parents are notified in advance of all activities and events, which require special financial considerations. The notification includes a description of the activities to be undertaken and the anticipated costs (per pupil) involved.

Examination Fees

The school does not undertake any examinations which would incur charges to parents.

Music Tuition

The school does not undertake any music tuition which would incur charges to parents.


Parents are charged for, or asked to supply ingredients or materials for craft or baking lessons when they have indicated, in advance, if they wish to own the finished product.

Voluntary Contributions

Where voluntary contributions are sought the following points are taken into account:

Contributions from parents are only considered where the schools own resources are known to be inadequate to meet the desired range and level of service to be offered to pupils.

All requests to parents for contributions make it quite clear that the contributions are voluntary. Where voluntary contributions are invited no pupil is left out of an activity because his or her parents cannot or will not make a contribution of any kind.

The following is a list of activities organised by the school, for which voluntary contributions are requested from parents.

  • School visits as part of topic work
  • Theatre visits
  • After School Clubs
  • Sponsored Events
Remission of Charges

Charges are not made for the board and lodging element of residential activities where the parent/guardian of a pupil is in receipt of the following benefits;

  • Free school meals
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration & Asylum Act 19999
  • Child Tax Credit, (provided the claimant does not also receive Working Tax Credit, AND whose annual income as assessed by the Inland Revenue does not exceed £14,495 for the year 2007/08)
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Advice is sought from Pupil Support & Transport Section annually for any changes in these requirements.

In these cases the claim forms SJ1 and SJ2 for remission of Board and Lodgings Costs would be completed and submitted to the Transport and Pupil Support Section. It is not envisaged that residential activities will form part of the curriculum at Tornedale.

Activities arranged by a third party

Activities arranged by an outside organisation may charge parents. Such an arrangement would not need to meet the LA policies on charging or remissions. Where such visits would entail approval of leave of absence for pupils and teaching/non-teaching staff involved full details will be submitted, through the Governing Body, to the LA, for approval.