Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability Information

At Tornedale the emphasis is on a whole school approach.  All staff accept responsibility for providing all children with realistic learning goals in a broad-based, appropriate curriculum.  We believe in nurturing and developing the educational, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual aspects by curriculum design and teaching approaches.  We believe that participation in the National Curriculum by pupils with special educational needs is most likely to be achieved through quality first teaching, where work is differentiated to suit individual needs.

At Tornedale we try to:

  • Identify pupils with special educational needs as early as possible and ensure that their needs are met
  • Maximise the opportunities for pupils to join in with all the activities of the school
  • Ensure that all learners have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities
  • Encourage learners to develop confidence and recognise value in their own contributions to their learning giving them high self- esteem
  • Ensure parents are informed of their child’s special needs, and to encourage regular and effective communication between parent and school
  • Encourage pupils to express their views and be fully involved in their learning
  • Promote effective partnership to involve outside agencies when appropriate.

Please see the SEN policy listed below for more details on this. The SEND Information Report 2016 and Local Offer is also listed below for your information.