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Tornedale Opens its doors to the community

On Tuesday 10 October, Tornedale held a nursery open morning which allowed attendees to participate in hands-on activities, giving them a taste of the engaging and educational environment children at Tornedale experience daily. 

One of the highlights of the open morning was the opportunity for parents to engage with the dedicated educators who play a pivotal role in shaping young minds. Teachers were on hand to answer questions, discuss the curriculum, and share insights into the unique teaching methodologies employed in the nursery. This direct interaction fostered a sense of trust and collaboration between parents and teachers. 

Beyond the educational aspect, the open morning served as a platform for building a sense of community among parents. The nursery emphasized the importance of a supportive community in a child’s early education, fostering a network that extends beyond the classroom.  At Tornedale, community is what we’re all about. 

The recent nursery open morning was not just a showcase of the school’s facilities and curriculum; it was a celebration of the vibrant community that surrounds it. As the nursery continues to bloom, so does the promise of a bright future for the young learners who attend here. 

A reception open morning is planned for Tuesday 28 November when parents can book an appointment with the Headteacher and bring their children with them to join in activities with our Reception children and teachers.  Please give school a call on 01302 868387 for more information or to book in on one of our four session times.


Tornedale Infant School

School will reopen today for keyworker children and vulnerable children. Remote learning will continue for the rest of the children. Thankyou .