About Tornedale Infant School

Our last Ofsted was in March 2023. We achieved good in every aspect, and we’re commended for our good work. Ofsted recognised that many aspects of our school are outstanding and that we have the capacity to improve even further.

The staff at Tornedale are one team that work hard together, children at our school understand that everyone’s role is important from cleaning staff to senior staff, and I think that is one of the reasons our school works so happily together. We have good links with other infants schools in the Local authority. 

Values & Ethos
At Tornedale our shared vision is that of community, where everyone works together for the children. We wish to provide a safe and inclusive school where everyone is challenged and supported to reach their own individual potential.  We aim to be creative and innovative in our approach and welcome new ideas to enhance learning experiences for everyone. We want our children, staff and parents to feel safe and happy and enjoy the experiences that learning provides.

Priorities 2023-24
  1. High quality teaching and learning of writing
  2. High quality teaching and learning for our children with SEND
  3. A curriculum that enables children to remember the most important knowledge (OFSTED AFI)

Who can attend our school?
The youngest children at our school are three and the oldest are seven (Nursery to Year 2). We have a school nursery as well as the main school.

Tornedale has 5 classes and a Nursery at present.  We are currently running some mixed classes. 

About the staff
There are over twenty staff in our school for just our classes and a nursery.  We believe that lots of adults to help your child learn is best, and a lot of our school budget is spent on that.  The staff at Tornedale are dedicated to the children, families and school and all want the best for your child.

“Staff are always willing to listen to concerns.”

About the building
Our school building is now over fifty years old.  Lots of people in the village remember coming to Tornedale.  It has had a lot of improvements made over the last couple of years, both inside and out – so it’s well worth having a tour if you don’t already know the school.  In 2010, we had new gas boilers installed and a new ventilation system in the school kitchen.  We have also had new fencing erected to help keep our children safe whilst on the school grounds. Although we are a small school we have a lot of space both indoors and outside.

Opening Hours


Opening times

Closing time

Total hours in a typical week




30 hours



Main School



31 hours and 15 mins

Mental Health Mission Statement

“Mental Health is a state of well-being in which an individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel and act”- World Health Organisation

At Tornedale we pride ourselves on being a positive inclusive community, committed to raising awareness and understanding of mental health and the all round development of our children. We support each other to be mentally healthy and resilient, so that we can each achieve our full potential. Throughout school, starting with our youngest children in Nursery we encourage a feeling of belonging and a real sense of community, within our classrooms and in school as a whole. We work hard to build relationships with our families, starting with home visits to new students and continued communication with families throughout the school year. We support all children to identify, name and explore a range of feelings in a safe and supportive environment, we explicitly teach strategies that will support children in beginning to regulate their feelings, with staff alongside to support them. These strategies are adopted by all members of staff in school, ensuring consistency throughout the school day. They are also taught through our school assemblies and integrated into our regular teaching day, so the messages are continually reinforced.

We are lucky to have highly trained and committed staff at Tornedale who are willing and ready to support your family. We have an excellent and very experienced SENCO, who works so hard to make excellent links to outside agencies, this ensures your child gets the best support possible as they move through our school. We also have staff members trained in Bereavement support and Mental Health First Aid. We provide mental health support for our staff and have a wellbeing charter and policy that further details the support we provide.

Our wish is for our children, staff and families to work together through challenges, to share celebrations, to feel supported, heard, accepted, valued and empowered.

Breakfast Club

Tornedale operates its own Breakfast Club which allows children to enter between 8:15am and 8:25am.  Children are encouraged to try the various items on offer for breakfast and take part in board games or coloring a picture. They are then taken to their relevant classrooms ready to start the day at registration time.


Schools Financial Benchmark https://schools-financial-benchmarking.service.gov.uk/School?urn=106698





School will reopen today for keyworker children and vulnerable children. Remote learning will continue for the rest of the children. Thankyou .