Read Write Inc and our reading scheme.

Here at Tornedale Infant School, we recognise the importance of developing children’s early reading and writing skills. We have introduced the Phonics scheme, Read Write Inc and have noticed an improvement in both reading and writing in a short space of time. The children are taught in small, similar ability groups and are regularly assessed by the class teachers. This is to ensure that children are taught in the correct group and are learning at their own level.

We send home RWI scheme books,these are the same books used in lessons. We also use the RWI bag books.

Alongside this scheme we also use 

Oxford Songbirds

Oxford Project X

Oxford Hero Academy 

The Oxford scheme support the RWI scheme books using the same phonics. This allows the children to have access to a range of varied texts.

The Read Write Inc scheme promotes a uniform approach to the teaching of phonics and children are keen to carry out the daily 20 minutes lessons.

We aim to make the lessons fun for the children and the children enjoy receiving lots of praise:

Many different fun praise actions which are used to motivate.

We are committed to ensuring that all of the children at Tornedale develop these skills quickly and therefore wholeheartedly follow the 6 Principles set out in the Read Write Inc scheme.

We follow the 6 principles below:

The Read Write Inc scheme ensures that children are taught:

It must be noted that sounds need to be taught sounds in the purest form and they must be encouraged not to say the ‘schwa’ on the end of each sound. The correct way of saying the sounds can be seen on this link.
(this will give you the You Tube link to the sound clip – Articulation of Phonemes)

Key Features of Read Write Inc Lesson:

School will reopen today for keyworker children and vulnerable children. Remote learning will continue for the rest of the children. Thankyou .