Complaints Procedure

Tornedale Complaints Procedure

Tornedale prides itself on its good relations with parents, carers and community members and believes this is due to the good communication systems that exist between all parties. However, where the Headteacher fails to resolve a complaint by a parent or carer, then the parent or carer can raise the matter with the Complaints Committee established by the Governing Body to deal with such matters.

On the rare occasion that a problem occurs, the Headteacher will strive to resolve all queries and worries in a manner helpful to all parties. It is the policy of the school that any complaint received will be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible after it has been reported by whatever means that may be: verbal, written, telephone or email.


The Headteacher is available to deal with complaints from staff, parents and the wider community and is willing to discuss in person, or write in response to the complaint on behalf of the school community.

If parents are worried about any aspect of school life that is affecting their child the procedure is as follows:

  • Speak to the class teacher in the first instance
  • The Headteacher is available, if you are not satisfied with the response that the class teacher provides.
  • The Chair of Governors is then available should you feel your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction by the Headteacher
  • The Local Education Authority is the last port of call.

Parents who may have a grievance against a staff member should bring their complaint to the Headteacher. If the grievance is against the Headteacher the complaint should be put in writing to the Chair of School Governors (Mrs J Purcell) placed in a sealed envelope marked:

For the Attention of Mrs J Purcell,
Chair of School Governors,
Tornedale Infant School,
Gattison Lane,
DN11 0NQ.

Staff who may have a complaint or grievance should refer to the Staff Grievance Policy.