Comments received from parents July 2021


Reception Parent – I’m really proud of **** he’s an amazing little boy. Thankyou for bringing him on even further x 

Reception Parent – Keep doing what you’re doing.  

Year 1 Parent**** has enjoyed her school year and we would both like to thank Mrs Clarke for all she has done to help ****.  

Year 2 Parent – Being supportive and helpful. Being great teachers. The school and teachers have been brilliant for ***** and he has really enjoyed his time at Tornedale. 

 Year 2 Parent I would just like to say thank you to all the teachers and the head teacher for all your hard work especially these past 2 years. *** has really enjoyed his time with you and will miss you all .

Year 2 ParentWe wish you the very best and really can’t thank Tornedale team enough! **** really has had the most amazing 4 years of his first steps into school life and really has loved the school so much it’s like his second home. He always feels comfortable going to school and always comes home happy. Even though we had a rocky start to Y2 after all am so happy we managed to get through it and can now see he’s just thrived he’s actually really sad to be leaving it still doesn’t seem real! I have loved helping out within the school and will really miss sending **** to Tornedale. But I wish you the very best and Thankyou so much Lisa for your hard work and dedication to keeping the school going! Hope to see you again in the future. Take Care & Thankyou! 


Comments received from parents July 2020

Reception Parent– Settling in at the beginning of the year worked really well.  **** settled in quickly and happily and has enjoyed school so much more than she did at her old school.  **** had a phase where she didn’t want to go to school and Mrs Cave worked closely with her supporting and encouraging her until she settled again. **** was given a sticker chart for going in smiling and Mrs Cave talked to her every morning to make sure she was OK. Academically, **** has loved her lessons and topics through the year. She especially loved forest school and really enjoyed the space topic.  As a parent I’ve really enjoyed the amount of opportunities for us to be involved. Assemblies, craft afternoon, stay and read are all lovely events for parents. I feel teachers are brilliant at keeping us involved and informed and I can’t praise them enough for everything they do!

Reception Parent-The communication between staff and parents/carers has been fantastic especially since the end of March.  The direct communication with Miss Gaunt has been well received and appreciated.

I would just like to say that Tornedale is a fantastic school and the staff are always so helpful, supportive and caring. I’m sure that **** will grow in ability and confidence next year. His report was lovely to read and we all feel so proud.

Year 1 Parent-I’d really like to thank Mrs Clarke and the other teachers in Dandelion class **** as always been extremely shy and reserved and it has really held her back in her learning. With Dandelion class her confidence has grown enormously which has meant she’s been happier to ask for help and to join in group work, this as meant her progress in reading writing and maths has really developed.  Thank you for continuing to guide ****. I am extremely proud of her and I had tears in my eyes reading her report

Year 1 Parent– **** has made more friends and plays with more children. She has become more confident. The issues we had with ****’s attitude were soon ironed out. **** loves school and she loves learning.

Thank you for your hard work with ****. She has grown in confidence over the last year and has loved being in Miss Gardom’s class.

Year 2 Parent-I would like to thank all the staff at Tornedale for making her time there so special she has lots more confidence and has loved it there. She has come on so much with her learning + she is a great little reader. Most important she has been happy. Thank you again keep up the good work. We will miss you all xx

Year 2 Parent-I’ve no issues with ****’s report, he’s done very well in year 2.  I would like to pass on my well wishes to everyone at Tornedale.  My children have had the most amazing start to their education by attending Tornedale and I’d like to thank everyone involved.  I’m going to miss you all.

Year 2 Parent-I am very grateful for all the effort and commitment put in from all the teachers/support staff throughout his years at Tornedale and especially throughout this current difficult time. I love it when **** comes home from school and hits me with a random fact that he has learnt that day. 

Year 2 Parent-I can’t really see any areas to improve.  Tornedale has been a fantastic school for my daughter from reception to year 2, she has always loved going to school, fantastic, supportive teachers and headteacher, The breakfast club was a big help to parents, the achievers assembly’s are an excellent way for children to feel an achievement in their work, we will both miss Tornedale as my daughter leaves for year 3 this year.

School will reopen today for keyworker children and vulnerable children. Remote learning will continue for the rest of the children. Thankyou .