Admission Arrangements

Tornedale Infant School and Nursery Admission Arrangements

Tornedale is a community school and the Local Authority (LA) is the Admission Authority for the school. Only the LA is able to decide who is eligible for a place in these schools. Neither the Headteacher nor their representatives are able to offer a school place.

In Doncaster, each school serves a local community, usually referred to as the ‘catchment area’. These arrangements reflect the philosophy that ‘efficient education’ is particularly fostered by closely associating a secondary school and a group of linked primary schools, in a pyramid. In this way, each school becomes part of the provision for a community and the education of the community’s children benefits greatly from the association of its schools.

Please see below the links to Doncaster Council's admission procedures
The closing date for to apply for a place in Reception or a year 3 place in Junior School is January 2019. You can apply online at